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2024 – 2025 Destinations

Welcome to Accessible Travel Americas! Explore the vibrant essence of Rio de Janeiro, where the rhythm of samba and the allure of Bossa Nova await. Journey through the colonial heritage and Inca civilization in Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu. Immerse yourself in the diverse landscapes and rich culture of Chile, from the Atacama Desert to the mystique of Easter Island. Join us on unforgettable tours that celebrate the beauty and diversity of South America.

RIO DE JANEIRO ``Is an energetic and vibrant way of life``

The city of Rio de Janeiro captures an energetic and vibrant way of life. Tourists are drawn to the mesmerizing rhythm of samba (a Brazilian dance and music)and coll jazz called Bossa Nova. Bossa Nova is characterized by its smooth and elegant melodies and focuses on harmony and melody. Lively beaches with a promenade & bars. The iconic Cristo Redentor statue. Tijuca National Park is at your fingertips in the mountains of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The natural beauty of the park can´t be missed.

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LIMA, CUSCO, AND MACHU PICCHU. ``Colonial Heritage and Incas civilization``

The city of Lima offers exclusive gastronomy and several attractions. Cusco with its architecture from colonial heritage helps us to understand its cultural upbringing. The Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu brings the visitor a mystical experience surrounded by the amazing ancient past.

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CHILE ``The Land and the People``

The country of Chile is between the Andes mountains and the Pacific Ocean. It has an ecletic geography: The Atacama Desert, the dryest desert in the world. Blue and clear skies to enjoy the universe, and the mysterious Easter Island (Rapa Nui).Santiago, spectacular wines, gastronomy from the ocean, and the lamb from Patagonia. The culture of Chile is represented by its museums, food markers, and friendly people.

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