Ecuador: Quito y las Islas Galápagos

Experience close encounter with many animals and the spectacular wildlife at the marvelous Galapagos Islands.

Ecuador: Quito y las Islas Galápagos

per person Quito, es la capital de Ecuador y la segunda ciudad más grande, detrás de Guayaquil, localizada en las montañas de la región de la Sierra de Ecuador. Es un recuerdo del pasado colonial y de su natural belleza. EL vecino Volcán Pichincha y el Volcán Cotopaxi distingue el horizonte de esta metrópolis sudamericana.
Viajar a través de los Andes descubriendo los pueblos indígenas y los maravillosos paisajes. Además, se tiene la experiencia de encontrar muchos animales y la vida salvaje en las maravillosas islas de Galápagos.é-senior-gay-sexe-gratuit.html PROGRAMA DISEÑADO PARA PERSONAS CON MOVILIDAD REDUCIDA . winstar online gaming
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    Ecuador: Quito y las Islas Galápagos
    Bilingual Guide Spanish – English
Day 01 Arrival in Quito
Pick up from airport and transfer to hotel in the airport. Wyndham Hotel.
Day 02 (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner
Today begins at the Quito airport with a short flight 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador to the island of Blatra. You’ll arrive just in time for a late lunch. In order to get to Santa Cruz, we will have to cross the Ithabaca channel. We will assist during this adventure and continue by driving (approx. 25 minutes) until we reach Puerto Ayora (capital of Santa Cruz). In the afternoon we will visit the Highlands to see the Giant Galapagos Tortoise roaming in its natural environment and explore the underground Lava Tunnels. Hotel: Hotel Mainao. For accessible room. (Santa Cruz island)
Day 03 (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner
Today we take a small plane to Isabela island. This will take about 30 minutes. The flight is short, but it will take some time to get ready for the flight. Arrive to the small airport at Isabela, transfer to hotel. Along a mangrove-lined path of a coastal lagoon walkway, we’ll learn about the poison apple tree and hopefully have a chance to see pink flamingos before arriving at Isabela’s Giant Tortoise Breeding Center. The center has almost a thousand giant tortoises training for life on their own! Watch as baby giant tortoises learn how to mingle, eat, and navigate over the rocky terrain without flipping themselves over! we will wander around the most laidback of the islands (Puerto Villamil), which still has dirt streets, local restaurants and laidback vibes. Hotel: Casa de Marita (Isabela island)
Day 04 (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
In the morning we’ll head to the pier for a kayaking excursion. We’ll tour the shallow bay in search of the Galapagos Penguin – the only penguin found north of the equator. We also keep a sharp eye out for rays and turtles gliding near the surface. In the afternoon we will have free time to enjoy the beach. Hotel: Casa de Marita (Isabela island)
Day 05 (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
After breakfast we will have a chance to enjoy Isabela beach one more time. At noon we will take the flight, this time towards San Cristobal island. Check in hotel. In the afternoon we will visit the Loberia which is known as the sea lion hang out and where we will be able to watch sea lions sun bathing, playing and vying for our attention. If you can’t wait to get in the water, we will help you go in and enjoy it. As the sun sets, we’ll make our way back to town and get ready for a welcome dinner of fresh fish and island cuisine at a small local restaurant. Hotel: Casa Playa Mann, (San Cristobal island)
Day 06 (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Today is all about the water, the shoreline and an amazing array of wildlife above and below the surface. With the smell of sunscreen wafting through the air and full water bottles by our side, on the boat we go. We’ll cruise along the coast identifying shore birds like the Magnificent Frigate Bird and famous Blue-footed Booby. From there we continue to Kicker Rock or Leon Dormido as it’s known by the locals to explore the final remains of a tuff cone rising over 143 meters out of the ocean. If Kicker Rock were a building, it would have almost 50 floors high! The rock is home to a large population of Blue-footed Boobies and Nazca Boobies that have taken up residence on the ledges and shelves. From on board you can watch crabs scurrying along surface and see a magnificent wall of barnacles and sponges reveal themselves each time the tide recedes. Below the surface, along the edge and through the channel of this drastic compact ash formation, we will be on the hunt for sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, chocolate chip starfish, and, with any luck, a Galapagos Shark or two. Don’t worry; they won’t be as interested in you as you are in them. Puerto Grande, a beautiful beach accessible only by boat, is our final stop for the day. After lunch on board, feel free to spend your time swimming in the turquoise water, snapping photos of Kicker Rock in the distance, or simply relaxing on the boat. For the rest of the afternoon we will have an educational visit to San Cristobal’s Interpretation Center – one of the best in the world. We will learn about the history and mystery of the archipelago from its discovery and what makes it so special, to Charles Darwin’s visit and the present day efforts to protect this amazing World Heritage site. Afterwards, there’s an optional short hike to an overlook of Kicker Rock, the town, and Tijeretas you may enjoy that offers great photo opportunities. Note: Wetsuits, fins, mask and snorkels are provided for you. If you prefer to bring your own, please do so. If you have a new mask it should be cleaned properly and used beforehand to make sure it isn’t going to fog up when you are on the hunt for that perfect underwater fish photo. If you wear glasses – you cannot wear your glasses with a mask. You can wear contacts or visit a dive shop to get a corrective lens mask if necessary. Transfer from boat to docks are done manually. No electric lifts Return to San Cristobal around 15h00. Hotel: Casa Playa Mann, (San Cristobal island)
Day 07 (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Today we fly again, this time from San Cristobal to Baltra. We will have the same procedure as before and check in at Puerto Ayora. In the afternoon we will relax from the trip and wander around town on our own….time to read, relax, and enjoy the island atmosphere. Hotel: Hotel Mainao. For accessible room. (Santa Cruz island)
Day 08 (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
El Garrapatero is a beautiful white sand beach surrounded by mangroves. Behind the beach is a fresh water lake that is home to herons, flamingos, and other shore birds (not all year round). The turquoise water provides the perfect opportunity to go swimming or snorkeling. In the afternoon you will have time to explore the town which is a great way to experience Santa Cruz. Hotel: Hotel Mainao. For accessible room. (Santa Cruz island)
Day 9 (includes breakfast and dinner)
Transfer to hotel in Quito. Dinner. Hotel: Swisshotel Quito.
Day 10 (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Today we will have a comprehensive city tour of colonial Quito. We will go inside the most representative churches and squares. In the afternoon we will visit the middle of the world monument, where we will witness some experiments that prove we are indeed at 0 latitude. Return to Quito for dinner. Hotel: Swisshotel Quito.
Day 11 (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Today we drive north in the Andes until we reach Otavalo, which is the biggest handicraft market in Ecuador. We will witness how indigenous gather together and offer their traditional products. We will have lunch at a restaurant located on the edge of a lake and in the afternoon we will return to Quito to prepare for new year night out and dinner. Hotel: Swisshotel Quito.
Day 12 (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Morning to relax and enjoy January 1st !! welcome of new year!!! After lunch we will visit the skylift of Quito, where we will reach an altitude of 4100 meters. If it is a clear day, this is a great opportunity to admire volcanoes and mountains surrounding Quito. Hotel: Swisshotel Quito.
Day 13 (includes breakfast)
At a coordinated time we will take you to the airport.


Quito, Ecuador

Travel throughout the Andes discovering indigenous villages and stunning landscape. Experience close encounter with many animals and the spectacular wildlife at the marvelous Galapagos Islands.